Or at least I really hope so, while I do enjoy colder months, it's really hard to get outside and enjoy it with so much snow and ice on the ground. Having such a snowy ice storm in Mid-April was a bit of a shock this year but it has given me a lot of inspiration to draw spring imagery. And, with that comes the other seasons as well.

So, I'm now launching a Four Seasons Collection at my Zazzle Store. I've started with coasters and mugs, with more designs to come over the next two weeks including a large canvas print that I'm working on that I hope people will love.

I'm most happy with my Summer and Spring designs, despite Autumn and Winter being my favourite seasons - I love sweater weather and hot drinks. 

My favourite season of all is Autumn hot apple cider, apple pie, perfect temperature for me, and beautiful colours everywhere. What's yours and why?