Kilian Walker

Kilian Walker, Interactive Graphic Designer

Good design takes into account the needs of the viewer and the needs of the builder, I strive to support my clients so that their product or service looks good in the eyes of their users, and will not frustrate their developers.

Over 7 years of experience in Visual Design.

Portrait: Kilian Walker

Featured Project: My VMware Prototype

prototype thumbnail

Timeframe: 1 week rushed.

Purpose:To be displayed at the Knowledge Experience booth at VMworld 2014 for customer feedback on the support flow online.

Role: Worked with the UX team who supplied the base design as PDF files. Using HTML and Javascript I built a working prototype that could carry over information between pages. Due to a rushed timeframe, it was only optimized for Google Chrome.

Project(s): KBTV Videos

prototype thumbnail

Timeframe: Varied. Videos would take between 1 week to 2 months depending on depth and complexity.

Purpose:The videos augmented existing or created knowledge base articles.

Role: I wrote scripts based on the knowledge base article with the assistance of a Technical Support Agent who reviewed the content and pointed out focus areas that customers often struggled with. I would then record and edit the audio in Audacity. Once the audio was complete I would create the graphics and animations and put them together in Adobe Captivate before exporting and uploading the videos to the KBTV Youtube Channel.

Project(s): Network & Workflow Diagrams

prototype thumbnail

Timeframe:Varied. Dependent on the complexity and accessability of the experts.

Purpose:Parsing large tables of existing reference data into diagrams for the knowledge base. Used as give-aways at VMworld 2013 and 2014 and were quite popular.

Role: Co-ordinated with in-house experts and the knowledge management team into deciphering the documentation and working with the architecture team to ensure content accuracy in the diagrams. Microsoft Viso and Excel were used in the planning stage, final posters were then created in Illustrator before being sent to print.